Meal cafe
Berry farm

It is in Gifu-shi center of commerce, Gifu Cultural Center.
On recommended lunch menu, it includes drink for +100 yen.
Extension is possible at time on reservations day such as party, meeting.
Morning discount
We give a service only for drink charges
Blended coffee 360 yen
Iced coffee 380 yen
Today's A lunch 750 yen
Hamburger steak, fried oysters, salad,
Dessert, rice, soup
Today's B lunch 750 yen
Pasta, corn soup, salad,
Bread, dessert

Coffee ticket ten pieces spelling 3,300 yen

[business hours] Whole year from 8:00 to 18:00
The summer until from 8:00 to 20:00
When there is not night event, in Cultural Center, we close a shop at 18:00
[holiday] Year round  
[parking lot] Please use gold park municipal P under the ground.
We present stationed-in-bike-race ticket more than 3,000 yen for one, one hour of eating and drinking.
[the number of the seats] <1F> *7 seat of four people, two people *3 seat
       <2F> It is possible until 20 reservations

Meal cafe berry farm
(058) 263-3983 in 5-7-2, Koganemachi, Gifu-shi Cultural Center

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