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Ena-shi cafe guide

Cafe restaurant near Nakasendo highway Oi accommodation
Please drop in in the middle of Nakasendo highway walk casually. We use Koshihikari which produced relief, security of meal to motto at our restaurant farm.
758, Oicho, Ena-shi (0573) 26-3580 hatoko
Professional taste handmade as for all eight dishes
According to JR Ena station square main street, it is most suitable for wait place. We stock meat from hometown, ingredients including vegetables from contract farmhouse.
206-22, Oicho, Ena-shi (0573) 26-1888 eight
If today's lunch is delicious with value; reputation
It is in Ena Cultural Center. Come on line special event event. We heard reservation of lunch.
441-1, Nagashima-cho, Ena-shi Ena Cultural Center 1F (0573) 26-1889 ena
Shop of delicious coffee and meal
"Today's lunch" of lunch or local "ena rice with hashed beef." Let alone morning, drink of the afternoon is with service, too.
2695-672, Kanonji, Oicho, Ena-shi (0573) 26-4855 paatonaa
Discerning coffee naturalism handicraft space
Seven kinds of lunches, homemade bread are popular, too. Ena techno park entrance. Natural forest is particular for a time in open cafe of garden.
1438-18, Takenamichotakeori, Ena-shi 090-7319-0564 Cafe `Fu, fu
If we are tired from drive if hungry
It is along prefectural road 66 size of the certain country. The shop is spacious. Foods menu and set are fully equipped with enhancement, karaoke room, too, and there is room, too.
1822-5, Misatochosazaragi, Ena-shi (0573) 28-3025 Join

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