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Hiroshi Fujinaka T & E management small and medium size company doctor
NPO corporation "agriculture, commerce and industry network Gifu" director
Telephone 090-8079-0295

<brief career history>
 Unique diagnosis person who is familiar with the spot of wide type of industry including cutting tool sale trading company six years by casting business for 14 years, and has license of cook for Chinese restaurant 16 years.
 Let's heap up Gifu by agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation, local special product development, the sixth industry creation project "edamame, special product development of strawberry; of main coordinator.

<main support menu>
  1. We support soft aspect of store business power improvement in spot glance.
    S mark authorization, menu development, constitution, concierge service, sales promotion
  2. We support management innovation of shop.
    Agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation, corporate strategy that utilized grants such as local promotion funds
  3. We support local special product development.
    Characteristic making of cooperation body tissue plan utilized local resources which there is
  4. Others
    Management consultation by individual example, management diagnosis, management plan development

  ○As scholar of agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation project manager qualification,
    Yoshiharu Makino (secretary general), Kimi Kondo
are consultation desk support.
  ○ Management consultation of modernization business strategy produce about I T construction,
    Satoru Kamakura
, Kimi Kondo.
    Hida area studio Goku (kamakurasatori), other area whole Japanese trip dot-com (Kimi Kondo)

What are anything and much-talked-about agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation recently?
 For example, companies such as restaurants cooperate with farmhouse and fisherman across normal business,
We make use of each other's strengths and perform development, production, offer of seller, service,
It is to plan reclamation of demand and industrial activation.
 Development of new product which founded fund in Gifu, and concentrated inventive idea with the operational gain
We support for approaches such as market reclamation.
 In union member, there is one that he/she has already carried out.
Business that is targeted for the furtherance, (1) New product development business
(2) Sales force reinforcement business
Business that is targeted for the furtherance, (1) Furtherance period 1 through 3
(2) It is within 2/3 from within furtherance rate 1/2
(3) Ceiling 500,000 yen - 3 million yen (single age)
Besides, it is menus such as model business support by authorization of country
    (1) Ceiling 30 million yen
   (2) Within furtherance rate 2/3

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