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Gero-shi cafe guide

Coffee time among antiques with JAZZ
Atmosphere that the shop including old clock is antique. We look forward to by coffee which is high in fragrance of self roast and original bread menu.
Hall of 125-1, Hagiwarachohanaike, Gero-shi (0576) 52-3220 green
We are proud of 12 kinds of pasta and handmade pizza
In nostalgic atmosphere, we feel rest of adult playing jazz. Shop boasting 12 kinds of pasta and handmade pizza.
1078, Kouden, Gero-shi (0576) 25-5289 chattering
Shop which there is in front of JR Gero Station
We aim at shop which is loved by local all of you, everyone, of tourist. Sasazushi set meal is our restaurant first popularity menu.
1391, Kouden, Gero-shi (0576) 25-2497 Nishio
Health pork back ribs, Hida kenton designation shop that we brought up with mugwort and natto
Use of Hida kenton where Hida kenton miso katsu set meal has abundant vitamin E, and meat taste is refined. Marco Sansai soba is popular, too. The JR Gero station square.
1374, Kouden, Gero-shi (0576) 25-3148 Marco
ongyoku software which hot spring egg got on
Gero Onsen foot Yunosato. Emergency taste ongyoku software. In shop, there is footbathing of Gero Onsen. We soak in hot water and are relaxed.
801-2, Yunoshima, Gero-shi (0576) 25-6040 yuami shop
Fried chicken set meal, mixed sand are popular
We take the golf exercise place adjacency, the use only for cafe by all means. Route 41 is along and does business until 10:00 p.m.
152-1, Hagiwarachohanaike, Gero-shi (0576) 52-1830 FANTAZY
Side, udon, taste of medicinal herb dishes local production for local consumption are popular
Unrivaled article that four taste udon kneaded local ancient rice and barley young leave. Of ingredients, food also healthy for meal in cafe please to buy.
1332-1, Hagiwarachoshimi, Gero-shi (0576) 56-4029 south Hida health studio

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