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Gifu-shi cafe guide

<station north area>
Handmade feelings, today's lunch favorable reception!
As for the morning, toast or sandwich, salad, fruit, chawanmushi, egg are with. Saturday and Sunday until 3:00 p.m. Spaghetti is popular, too, and source is handmade.
  Teahouse of 2-69, Kouran, Gifu-shi (058) 253-2790 coffee silver
Special dish that pancake enthusiast put study on study
Small cafe which raised coffee and pancake in beloved two people. Homemade ginger ale, vegetable juice, french toast.
  3-13, Shikishimacho, Gifu-shi (058) 216-0557 Shikishima coffee restaurant
Cafe of self-service facing Popolo open space
Go out Meitetsu-Gifu Station, Kakamigahara Line wicket, and to cafe facing "Popolo open space." Thanks D is sold every month in coffee beans 10% OFF.
2-11-1, Nagazumicho, Gifu-shi (058) 269-4160 Doutor Coffee Meitetsu Gifu store
Cakes which were particular about coffee and tea, the subject matter that repeated examinations
It is concept in "space to drift to of calm time". It is ... with jazz flowing through beauty nahitotokioo calmly 
2-5, Tetsumeidori, Gifu-shi (058) 263-7710 DOLCI cafe
Several kinds of import cheesy homemade pizza
Import wheat from Italy is popular, too. As for the waffle, proud Belgian art handed down directly recipe; is homemade. It is the west side of Yanagase Don Quixote.
1-19, Tetsumeidori, Gifu-shi 090-6614-6305 Liege
Coffee is value 300 yen from founding
Close couple does business in the west of police station in Gifu. Have "Italian Spaghetti" which we pulled with traditional iron plate topping egg.
3-17, Kyomachi, Gifu-shi 058-264-1804 new cattleya

<station south area>
haniaisukafeore is sensation!
They look at nice atmosphere, garden to woman, and even eyes enjoy wonderful time like jewel. It is provided the gallery together with two weeks by display such as picture, photograph, flower.
  1-4, Kanouhottacho, Gifu-shi (058) 272-5887 coffee encounters
Morning discount 400 yen is popular
Noon only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays "karaoke business." "Karaoke is open every night at night at snack". We moved to toyobiru.
  1-16, Seihonmachi, Gifu-shi toyobiru 1F (058) 274-9916 gradually

<area from northern part of city area, Nagara River and to the north>
Cafe which JAZZ live plans
Cafe where poles are usually common. We are blessed with customer warm (JAZZ flows lightly) and the volunteer staff.
3-7, Hitoichibakitamachi, Gifu-shi (058) 213-7505 island cafe
As for the lunch, the number of articles, the volume is surprising
Shop of relief opening from the sunrise to the sunset. Lunch changes every day. There is seasonal menu. Wind, winter of nature are firewood stoves in the summer.
  Of 4-18-20, Kano, Gifu-shi (058) 242-2888
Year, live performance concert to hold four times are popular
You can be surely pleased with the large shop full of a feeling of cleanliness. It is position of five minutes by approximately 3 kilos, car to family park.
  119-1, Fukutomichoda, Gifu-shi (058) 229-6617 nettowaku
Cormorant fishing Ohashi has abundant meal menus immediately
Riverside immediately horizontal cormorant fishing Ohashi appearing in the Nagara River. You have a choice between abundant meal menu. Have rice with hashed beef shop by the advice of set.
  1-1-2, Hinokita, Gifu-shi (058) 240-7696 rice with hashed beef shop
Delicious, wonderful lunch menu causes reputation
We are faced according to Masago of loyalty bridge built over the Nagara River at the corner. We display and sell beads accessories of SWAROVSKI, handmade bag.
  4-6, Masagocho, Gifu-shi (058) 262-2512 buronyu
Lunch and mini-sandwich service from 3:00 p.m.
Lunch of reputation is satisfied by a large number of fans. Mini-sandwich & snacks give a service to coffee after 3:00 p.m.
  It is over 2-19, Ishihara, Gifu-shi (058) 229-2013
We are easy to sing, and let's sing on acoustic regular authentic stage
Karaoke introduces latest DAM. We give lessons in and hold. Holding including monthly meeting of Gifu Shimbun-sha, Gifu Broadcasting Systems support, once popular song meeting.
  1-19, Shimasakaemachi, Gifu-shi (058) 231-9511 karaoke cafe BONITA

<eastern part area>
Log house-like hideaway cafe 
Have Morning and menu-rich lunch. We began cafe share set at night. 15th is ticket service day every month!
  170-2, Ryoge, Gifu-shi (058) 248-1195 cafe de camau
For wonderful singing voice, you are ... relaxedly, too
Latest DAM PREMIUM and sound pro are settengu. Your wonderful singing talent stands out more. Bottle keeping is value, shochu 2,000 yen!
  1-2-12, Iwachi, Gifu-shi (058) 246-9477 new outer garden
Coffee studio of delicious self roast coffee feelings
From one cup of kind to liquid in cup, let's enjoy coffee studio higuchinokodawario. Being adjacent is self roast coffee factory shop.
9-22-2, Kitaisshiki, Gifu-shi (058) 215-8073 coffee studio higuchi
Yakisoba set meals prepare value light meal anytime
It is in front of around Sawada Hospital in eastern Gifu-shi, Shiroyama Shrine. Time is not arranged at lunchtime, but prepares value light meal anytime.
7-15-7, Noisshiki, Gifu-shi (058) 245-0160 hope

<western part area>
Menu which the Godo Ohashi west, meals have abundant
It is along the national highway north side beyond Godo Ohashi in western Gifu-shi. Big parking lot can penetrate in peace. As for morning discount and the luxurious morning set.
3-81, Nishigodo, Gifu-shi (058) 251-7177 Kahlua
Self roast. We saw, and we serve, and length is offered length
While there is to orthodox school coffee looking good on adult, we are selling ... self roast coffee beans, homemade dressing store.
3-190, Honjonishi, Gifu-shi (058) 251-1059 car Damon

<southern part area>
Master and mom provide a time of rest
One cup of coffee. Master and mom provide a time of rest. A lot of meal menus can prepare, too.
2-94-1, Akanabeshinseiji, Gifu-shi (058) 273-5573 is good
We saw one cup of coffee which is high in fragrance and put up
Ice of iced coffee is crushed ice which we made with coffee and does not become thin even if ice melts. Please spend time relaxedly.
5-26, Minamiuzura, Gifu-shi (058) 277-5287 gagaku

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