Of coffee morning in your town
We start from one cup!
Kakamigahara-shi cafe guide

<Naka area>
A lot of services that are advantageous even if we come whenever
We put up one cup of bean of discerning Kyoto brook coffee in one cup of hand drip coffee heartily. Selectable Morning is popular.
3-53, Nakamonzencho, Kakamigahara-shi new Naka sun plaza 1F (058) 322-3770 cafe dream cat
We use steak & coffee original blend bean
We prepare for dinner menu to budget. Recommendation is fried pork cutlet. It is before Naka, Somiya surgery.
2-6-1, Nakafudogaoka, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 371-2515 Jun's love
It keeps pasta & pizza menus more than 80 kinds
Set menu of dishes, course menu are recommended. We are suitable for meetings such as party, tea.
1-333-1, Nakaodacho, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 383-6802 pomodoro
Store specializing in coffee with black-based presence of mind
Greetings that feeling of "the customer first" reaches! One cup of orthodox school preference is taste of highest point. Two kinds of favorite cakes can choose cake set to coffee.
Hot water of 2-162, Nakashindencho, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 383-6634 bean
Traditional Italian spaghetti is absolutely recommended!
Stimulating very hot red pepper habanero curry blows off fatigue. The south is in front of Kakamigahara-shi industry Cultural Center immediately.
1-15, Nakasakuramachi, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 383-4141 cafe wisteria
In tea shop Japanese-style for coffee and sweet dessert relaxedly
Is it front of Kakamigahara-shi government office side, Piago? We cannot exclude calm atmosphere in Japanese style. Finally I provide "seaweed drink".
1-48, Nakasakuramachi, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 382-3456 sweets shop Meiji tea shop
We prepare 18,000 comic books
Time system. It is free from visit time to one hour 30 minutes. Thereafter, it is the 30 yen addition every ten minutes. We take meal including miso and set meal.
It is Kakamigahara-shi Naka west market 7-166 (058) 382-7716 comics cafe or chews
Morning discount and specially made ramen are popular
Specially made ramen is taste of kombu soup stock sum style plainly. The inside is spacious spaciously. You can enter to 100 people. Please come to group, group meeting.
4-131-2, Miihigashimachi, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 383-7338 rose
Comfort can look at coffee of all parts of the world every day in rotation
Specialty coffee that it was kept on choosing. Through the spread, enlightenment activity of sustainable coffee, we work on maintenance of biological diversity.
1-72-1, Nakasakuramachi, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 383-5375 coffee studio higuchi

<Sohara area>
As for the morning discount, everybody is surprised at much number of articles!
Coffee, toast, salad, tempura, tofu, fruit, with boiled egg. It is the immediate front of Meitetsu Kakamigahara Line, Rokken Station.
It is Tanahashi 4-1, Soharamidorimachi, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 383-1280 boom
There are many newspaper, magazines knowing the latest news
It is the neighbor of ogase way "supermarket Sacai". Newspaper and magazine magazine, comic book are prepared a lot.
2-2, Soharaterajimacho, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 383-6811 monte

<Unuma area>
Shop of meal and cafe in the bank of ogase pond
We take a time while beautiful scenery of ogase pond enjoys! We can prepare for meal menu abundantly.
7-147, Kakamiogasecho, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 384-0088 new wisteria
Anyway, lunch is reputation in being delicious, and being cheap
Big water tank is in front of the counter when we enter shop. Approximately 50 parking lots. Have morning set or today's lunch.
6-9, Unumaoigicho, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 370-1790 Muses
Set meal menu of noon is abundant
We measure up, and Route 21 is convenient at big parking lot. Jumbo cactus judging from post in shop is great!
Kakamigahara-shi Kagami Haramachi 5-287 (058) 384-1199 echo
Spaghetti and shop of pizza which overlook Kiso River and national treasure, Inuyama-jo Castle
It is the best location called Kiso River and national treasure, Inuyama-jo Castle outside window. The cause of beauty and health! Discerning black mitsu agar 400 yen is the best recommended.
2-136, Unumakoigicho, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 384-4158 Bonn muu
Sauce is good! Stylish Western-style okonomiyaki cafe
Morning, lunch, snacks time. Please discover new taste of okonomiyaki. Menu is abundant, too.
2-69, Unumafuruichibacho, Kakamigahara-shi (058) 370-225 Joey garden

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