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Kani-shi, Mitake-cho cafe guide

Cozy karaoke cafe of residential area
Atmosphere that is kind to both one and beginner. Space where there are many flowers. Various cake services. Please consult about reservations.
Mosquito net which is 2-66, Hiromigaoka, Kani-shi (0574) 63-8435
With song relationship! Song enthusiast bright oasis
Bond of heart that song links. It is excellent at drink menu enhancement, sound, and atmosphere is good. It is along Hiromi Line under green housing complex.
Song of 1538-3, Sugekari, Kani-shi (0574) 65-0335 Komachi
"Stew hamburger steak" which we stewed for one week is popular
It is all handmade from bread to dessert. We provide to value. It is shop which you can enjoy with calm atmosphere slowly.
5505, Takada, Shimoedo, Kani-shi (0574) 63-1710 restaurant thing is enough
Space where we extract for eight hours, and coffee enthusiast is rich
We can have you choose favorite coffee cup. There are sale corners such as accessory or accessories, too.
355-3, Yato, Kani-shi (0574) 65-1928 yanahana
Let's sing with all one's might in wide, beautiful space
Sound preeminence! Premium DAM introduction. You can sing comfortably in large space. OK more closed-door than group-like 20 people, with light meal.
52-1, Shinmei, Imawatari, Kani-shi (0574) 25-5337 RODAN Rodin

Shop of western dishes and handmade bread & cake
Additive-free discerning bread. Kind has abundant delicious handmade cakes. Today's lunch is available from A lunch, B lunch.
954-1, Mitake, Mitake-cho, Kani-gun (0574) 67-4190 grill Pete

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