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Participation merit
Your shop business power up
Homepage for free making present!
We are published in "cafe guide of your town" on the Internet.
In cafe, it contributes to stabilization of management to raise the number of the users of customer.
Association is friend of basis "information and business power" of business, management.
Individual self-act efforts are important, but individual ability has limit.
We strengthen shop information and show power for "enclosure of customer".
Great many people see on the Internet now
We publish in "Gifu cafe guide" free,
We access homepage of association shop and derive.
Shop which does not have homepage yet,
We make homepage where we can publish menu in in detail free every shop.
Gifu cafe guide to this
Characteristic of homepage to make in cafe association!
We get independent address for exclusive use of shop.
As for homepage design production by specialized company, estimate of 200,000-300,000 yen is shown, and payment of annual sum 120,000 yen (monthly basis 10,000 yen) degree is usually required as the publication maintenance cost more.
It becomes useless treasure if not seen in the situation even if we make with much effort.
In association, anyone establishes "Gifu cafe guide" of homepage making to be able to have free and access instruction reading.
In the case of "enumeration publication," we cannot publicize only own store freely in other sites, list of gourmet information, commercial and industrial meeting, tourist association, but conversion is possible in each information in shop alone freely at advertising opportunity as address is acquired individually.
Participation shop offer!
○ If it is union member, anyone makes free and can be released in Internet information free. 
○ We prepare for photograph and menu wanting you to publish as manuscript.
  Other troublesome contents and office work are completion if they answer question of the association secretariat.
Public contents
○ Store photograph, scenery, storekeeper in shop guide photograph others, list of menus, sales people,
  It becomes introduction contents standard pattern that it established in association rule including map of store position.
○ Shop having homepage already becomes publication method that we made use of.

[cafe homepage sample]
※You can see from "Gifu cafe guide".
We increase when we click bottom.

Main page (image)

Menu page (image)
Using cell-phone to have in anyone,
We let you search your one direct store from QR cord.
It is now at the times to move to action to decide to check to see using cell-phone function.
Construction, access instruction of portable information is very important for cafe.
It is "cafe eating and drinking information" to be the most highly concerned in information of town.
Self-correspondence by individual is necessary, but expense and time room, knowledge vs. stress have lack and limit.
<planned assistance measures>
★ QR cord information making and dispatch business every shop.
★ Access instruction business of QR cord by poster making every shop.
★ Pamphlet making business of portable site info publication.
★ Text message magazine coverage dispatch business.
<burden becoming necessary>
As union member does not have burden iron, is very nice; free.
"Homepage production business of your shop" is free!
This one stone which was cast.
The ripple greatly spread across expectation!
 When therefore economic conditions of these days change foot into chance by management of hardening attack in big headwind towards "attractive association."
 Your management power is called into question now.
 43,500 million times (the January, 2010 investigation) monthly as for the reading total number in domestic Internet site.
House, Yahoo become monthly 26,700 million times.
 Shop information of everybody is seen in many people, too.
 As it is easy to find, and "cafe guide" is located in high rank of search order rank as invention to make it easy to be seen, it is very helpful.

Participation merit
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