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Participation merit
For operating funds, funds for equipment, the drink-driving measures courtesy car purchase
Funds for equipment are furnished with at low interest by governmental government finance company!

● To union member, promotion business loan that is low interest is received by governmental bank (Japanese system financing government finance company).

Financing system Q&A
 Is there characteristic what kind of than general loan in Q1 promotion business loan?
      ・ Return period is long term.
      ・ There are many facilities which special rate of interest C which is approximately 1% lower than base rate is applied to.
      ・ Amount of money frame which we can finance is big.
      ・ It is for operating funds, too, and range of application is wide.
      ・ Return plan is stable at fixed interest.
       Of union member who devised business plan, and received inspection of association
        For funds for equipment and operating funds (including operating funds of union member enrolling in S mark)
        From 1.0% of special rate of interest (D) that is lower than the rate of interest that is usually applied
 What kind of procedure is necessary to propose Q2 promotion business loan?
      ・ With grant request of "fund certificate which promotion business requires" as cafe association joining,
        After having received grant of certificate from director, we include monkey in government finance company.
 What kind of financing system is life hygiene improvement loan of Q3 not giving security, no guarantee?
      ・ Operating funds and facilities, equipment are necessary for store based on management instruction of cafe association to purchase
        We furnish with fund in not giving security, no guarantors. (but the number of employees is limited to five or less)
 What kind of application is life hygiene improvement loan of Q4 not giving security, no guarantee available in?
      ・ We support with operating funds, both funds for equipment. Facilities necessary for business are targeted for all.
      ・ The rate of interest is 1.15% a year regardless of return period. It is the rate of interest that is very low for not giving security, no guarantor.
 What kind of procedure is necessary to propose life hygiene improvement loan of Q5 not giving security, no guarantee?
      ・ Recommendation of cafe association's director is necessary to use.
      ・ Please submit borrowing application to our association unlike promotion business loan.
        As a general rule, it is condition to receive management instruction from six months before,
        Investigation is carried out by management special counselor, and we are recommended to government finance company after having passed through predetermined procedure.
 If recommendation of Q6 association's director is provided, is financing received by all means?
      ・ After the recommendation, we examine in government finance company. As a result, you want and may not attach.
      ・ It is similar about promotion business loan that had you attach "fund certificate which promotion business requires".
 When we use financing to dispense with guarantor by Q7 third party, how does interest rate turn out?
      ・ It usually becomes the rate of interest added to the applied rate of interest by 0.65%.
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Participation merit
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