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Nakatsugawa-shi cafe guide

Talkative shop which wants to be gentle toward any generation
Once upon a time there is Furuki of velvet shank in Nakasendo highway "Nakatsugawa Bridge" filling here. Photograph of mountain where customer was photographed gives glory to the shop.
3-5-6, Honmachi, Nakatsugawa-shi (0573) 66-7866 cafe velvet shank
Today's lunches are rich in the number of articles and eat and meet, and they are enough
It is shop of cafe & meal. It is a 3-minute walk from Nakatsugawa Station. Morning is popular, too. We look forward to visit.
1-5, Kitanocho, Nakatsugawa-shi (0573) 66-7803 Louis cafe-terrace
Stylish space where adult is relaxing
To hear light jazz, how about various cocktail this evening?  Counter, table, 60 seats including private room. Please in various parties!
777-8, Komanba, Nakatsugawa-shi (0573) 66-9339 ANNIE HALL
Lunch with corn soup, salad is popular with value
Course dishes such as hamburger steak and chicken steak, spaghetti, pizza of dinnertime are popular, too.
1083-12, Fukuoka, Nakatsugawa-shi (0573) 72-4087 AESOP'S (Aesop)
Popular name "back Kiso Highway" shop where we measure up, and there are a lot of flower and green
"Delicious dessert" is popular among coffee, soft drinks, light meals. We are discussed the rights and wrongs for break in the middle of drive by meeting and break, meal of work!
2333-8, Kashimo, Nakatsugawa-shi (0573) 79-3345 cafe razuberii
Rate is value with willful style, too
Morning discount, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30. More than five people, karaoke gives a service. We present one book with one karaoke ticket (11 pieces of spelling 2,000 yen), ten books!
2154-4, Kashimo, Nakatsugawa-shi (0573) 79-3330 wish wish

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