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The latest news

We distribute smoking rule sticker!
Smoking non-smoking
We separate for smokers and nonsmokers at separation of smoking areas time

As for the report of shop where visitors including woman customer increased in smoking rule!
We are distributing at each branch office. Please inflect in shop.

Gifu proud of national top-class cafe culture.
Following morning discount,
Let's think about new noted product of afternoon!

We can look for shop anywhere anytime
Positional information and HP information of shop are displayed by smartphone!

Smartphone which becomes news when we appeared in town. With GPS with present position
SBAR system displaying member shop on the map is popular.
HP of shop opens out and can know whether it is what kind of shop or menu.

Nagashima spar land jumbo seawater pool
Please take advantage of discount auxiliary ticket, this year!
One of the world's largest seawater pools, 10 pools, 18 sliders
Running water pool, slider for child, latest attraction pool
Fireworks size contest, Nagashima Onsen "island of bathing"

Surprising discount information
Grade of coffee changed!
UCC iced coffee is deep-discount; wholesale
We send by fresh valve packing.

We ask for voluntary check of food indication. (news of false indication occurs frequently)
It is prevented check false indication of indication about food 

・Kind and kind, production center of food using as ingredients are different from indication
・It is groundless and, "choice," is shown "excellence" if superior to others including "high quality"
  ※I would like confirmation about notice or flyer in shop.

Restaurant reform seminar & Adviser dispatch! Free of charge
We hold management lecture [restaurant reform seminar] as part of foods business promotion to be connected directly with local consumption in Gifu. In addition, we carry out [specialized adviser dispatch]. Owner must see it!

We updated for new data
It is the truth that citizens of Gifu have much eating out number of times!

According to "household economy survey report that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau carried out," it was the third place "Gifu-shi" that was prefectural seat of Gifu in ranking according to the metropolis and districts agency location and ordinance-designated city general eating out offtake.

With morning ticket
Rakuten Travel accommodation plan release start!

We were commercialized around member of association shop.
Rakuten Travel
The Japan's special plan

We can be cut down without moving! We support wage charges, rent reduction!
New suggestion of cost reduction! Wage charges reduction service
Did owner work on reduction of wage charges (rent) daringly?

Cooperation with fresh foods Surugaya!
Food with store is super in Hida Takayama and Hidafurukawa.
Fresh foods Surugaya and cooperation.
Privilege runs out at the time of point ticket exchange!

Takayama-shi Amica shop
Open newly!

Super "Amica" for duties 
It is helpful very much
"Union member card" you have
We show at the time of cash register payment.
We point only union member and double.
Strategic partnership. Start!
We only show "union member card", and the point is double!
Supermarket for duties
"The material has profit"
While, for cafe, sales are sluggish,
We stock, and reduction in cost is extremely nice!
Usage is easy! We show "union member card" you have at the time of cash register payment.
We point only union member and double!
★We collect points and are discounted by 1,000 yen for cash discount (example) 50,000 yen on the spot.
Amica HP is this

The machine guard, special plan of security camera 
SOKAN suggests "machine guard system" and "security camera" special plan of Sohgo Security Services "SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES". Basic plan 300,000 yen is 250,000 yen with gift certificate presentation, security camera for 10,000 yen by new contract by machine guard system and is advantageous plan for union members. How is examination at this opportunity? Suggestion estimate free of charge.

Japanese brand leader
"UCC coffee" and tie-up!
Iced coffee powder using bean from Brazil,
We mediate with surprised special price.
Please ask Gifu eating and drinking association

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announcement
It is the truth that citizens of Gifu often result in going to cafe!

They got up in the metropolis and districts agency location and ordinance-designated city ranking (than Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau "household economy survey report" 2007-2009 yearly average), and, as for the general eating out ranking of Gifu-shi, the second place, cafe ranking were announced with the first place.

Association participation privileges largely increased!

In addition, charm powers up in conventional privilege including a lot of discount "union member card" "Amica point kind treatment" "discount special treatment of famous facility" from PC and carrying at a stretch in information Internet for free exhibition and the whole country of shop!

 From October
The U.S. traceability method starts!

It is law about transmission of record of information to affect business such as rice and production center information. It is demanded that even food service industry transmits production center to consumers.

We strengthen window of the association secretariat!
Union member was all right. ... which wants to be made by any consultation
Strategic support adviser by expert
Grant utilization, menu development, tax practice law, violence damage, financing

Accommodation of the Okuhida Onsengo source
Accommodation "doctor noyu Honjin" of the source
Visiting outdoor baths which are various with three sources and spring qualities.
Hot water is flowing constantly from the source.
Dinner prepares specialty hearth banquet dishes.
Complimentary ticket sample

Contract spread especially in the year!
It is 7,800 yen in two meals of nights on weekdays until April
(there is free bus from JR Takayama Station)

Union member merits increased!
In store music of cable broadcasting moisture and vigor.
The CAN system BGM fee for use discounts by 25%

News that is nice in union member merit!
We became able to join general compensation mutual aid every month!

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