Of coffee morning in your town
We start from one cup!
Ogaki-shi & outskirts cafe guide

Delicious specialty coffee of self roast
We extract by one cup in hand drip coffee carefully. Sale of six kinds of fresh roast beans is very popular! Please enjoy today's coffee.
1-1-5, Higashitogawacho, Ogaki-shi (0584) 82-7589 coffee Kobou multi-incense
Fragrance of siphon freshly brewed coffee is ...
Nawa Hospital road goes, and Gifu Bank Ogaki Branch is adjacent. We do business in the morning from 6:30. We take Morning or fruit parfait.
6-13, Fujiecho, Ogaki-shi (0584) 78-9491 cafe love
Have specialty tart and chiffon cake!
Morning discount changes every day. We are loved by regular customer. You come by all means, too. We keep complaining, and handmade hand is popular among bread.
328-1, Sunomatachokamijuku, Ogaki-shi (0584) 62-3850 Earl Grey
It is ... delicious coffee and homemade cake in heart, space feeling relaxed
Contrast of bright indirect lighting gives atmosphere of adult every table which the shop loses another space, and was crowded.
Comfortable 8-43-1, Gakudencho, Ogaki-shi (0584) 74-0789 DUOMO cafe
Shop of meal and cafe proud of "original hamburger steak"
Ginger, Italian, Japanese-style lowering are No. 1! No. 2! No. 3! Large parking lot. We wait until break and give "seaweed drink" free.
4-80, Jomen, Ogaki-shi (0584) 78-9910 Colombo2nd
Cafe where has been got close to for a long time in downtown
Morning discount is from 7:30 to 11:00. Afternoon service is from 13:00 to 16:00. We take drink, lunch, dessert.
2-9, Takasagocho, Ogaki-shi (0584) 78-5630 Sao Paulo
In environment that is quiet with Morning and today's lunch
Name was updated. It is in the north side of Ogaki commercial high school. As there is big parking lot, it is convenient for wait.
The 3-75-2, Kaihatsucho, Ogaki-shi (0584) 73-1165 Milky Way
Roast, and self has just finished sawing; store specializing in freshly brewed coffee
Roast machine others, full-scale espresso machine introduction. In officers of textiles that cup brings on presence of mind. Well, to fragrance and relaxing box.
Sunomatachokamijuku, Ogaki-shi character Takashima 917-4 (0584) 51-0921 Nagasakiya

"Studio for exclusive use of yours" where light is bright
All seat layouts are forward, is heat eyes to you who are during song. Because the secret pleased with by woman customer is alcohol non-offer.
It is poco 131-2, Osa, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun (0584) 23-0881 pop

Morning discount with chawanmushi
Yoro Park entrance, prefectural road is along. Delicious morning discount. With chawanmushi is reputation! In bright shop, please enjoy conversation slowly.
62-3, Nishiogura, Yorou-cho, Yoro-gun (0584) 32-0175 is about the same

We come by business, the multipurpose room use from 6:30 a.m. (25 people)
Ohashi, Hashima neighborhood along R18 Ogaki, Ichinomiya Line. Classroom holding by Mr. association of orthodox picture letter which comes by the multipurpose room use (25 people), Shugo Ibuki.
222-4, Koritori, Anpachi-cho, Anpachi-gun (0584) 64-3461 stone

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