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Seki-shi cafe guide

Internet cafe 24H soft serve all-you-can-eat
Weekdays lunch 450 yen. Morning, drink all-you-can-drink. In the PC seat, movie, animation are free. Online game for free.
1116, Oze, Seki-shi (0575) 46-8644 comicsbuster Gifu Seki store
Morning discount is fun every day in rotation
Juice 100% fruit juice. Orange, grape, pine. Only as for the person that customer is good. Petty people in shop give customer, too.
3-53, Yayoicho, Seki-shi (0575) 24-7302 violet
There is "set meal from black" new noted product which Seki-shi sent to the whole country
500 meters only from military arts river hot spring to the south. New noted product "set meal from black" have "sky sashimi set meal". For banquet, pick-up bus prepares from ten people!
1241, Mugegawachohachiman, Seki-shi (0575) 46-2982 Eden
Saturday and Sunday are free lunches, too. The use is OK in presentations!
As parking lot is large, it is pleased by woman customer. We do it on Saturday and Sunday, and piano is belonging to, and free lunch is available in concert, meeting, presentation.
1-5-7, Higashimachi, Seki-shi (0575) 23-1277 sunflower
Have nature yeast France country Bakery!
Simple bread which we packed only with blessings of nature. There may be the true richness simply because it is simple.
66, Ikedacho, Seki-shi (0575) 23-5557 buranjiepeizan
It is shop of prefecture designated healthy discerning ingredients
"Exchange, and see with French cuisine "Lapin Aziru"," French cake "petit Lapin." Good French cuisine of comfort that howanto feeling warms.
1-9-20, Sannoudori, Seki-shi (0575) 24-5580 Lapin Aziru
As for the chawanmushi included in Morning, there are many fans
Ranch eats well, and drink is with. 100 yen dessert after a meal is popular, too. Flavored coffee to make in 100% Hawaii.
1-3-13, Higashihongodori, Seki-shi (0575) 21-1138 aroma of kona

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