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Accommodation of the Okuhida Onsengo source
Accommodation "doctor noyu Honjin" of the source
   Contract spread especially in the year!
Visiting outdoor baths which are various with three sources and spring qualities.
Hot water is flowing constantly from the source.
Dinner prepares specialty hearth banquet dishes.
It is value amount of money,
We never disappoint expectation of customer

Hot spring bamboo steamer steaming, hearth banquet dishes

The entrance

Yakushi Onsen (hot water of lapis lazuli)

New source excavation completion commemorative plan With half board
(it includes consumption tax, bath tax)

There is accommodation complimentary ticket
in gifuken eating and drinking association participation shop.
Complimentary ticket sample
The weekdays use
(usable on Sunday)
One four people
December, January, February March, April 7,800 yen
November, May, June, July, September 9,800 yen
August, October 12,800 yen
        ★ Use of three people up of 1000 yen per person
        ★ Use of two people up of 1500 yen per person
        ★ Primary schoolchild, infant is 70% of adults
In addition, we assist some rates from association.
□ We make a reservation with hotel directly, and the use is accommodation, payment □
  "Bear ranch" entrance adult @ 1,000 yen → 300 yen dwarf @ 500 yen → 200 yen
Three sources and accommodation with two spring qualities
Yakushi Onsen (hot water of moonlight) Gonge Onsen (Kengen-no-Yu)
Northern Alps hot spring (hot water of Nikko) Yakushi Onsen (hot water of the Buddha of Healing)
To doctor noyu Honjin HP

Suite specifications that all attracts guest room in Kaku Takashina
 ・・・ reservation from two people
Nakao Heights hotel
Twin (per person) weekdays 20,000 yen (tax-excluded)
         From November 15, 2010 to April 22, 23
Each room conflicts with natural scenery in extensive space,
Panorama which we can look at is with bath.
All the furniture of room treats traditional Hida furniture.
Meal depends on specialized patishie with contracted chef
We can thoroughly enjoy original French course.

To Nakao Heights hotel HP

Pickup and drop-off plan easily free in the winter season from J R Takayama Station
Period Until H22 11 a year 15 days a month - H23 four a year 22 days a month
(the time) 11:00 from 15:00 Oku-hida from Takayama Station

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