Of coffee morning in your town
We start from one cup!
Tajimi-shi cafe guide

Menu that time is pure relaxedly and can make hot into
Morning, lunch. Various drinks including Okinawa 35 coffee. With barrier-free, it is OPEN in August, 2017. Mutual prosperity park is near.
2-28-10, Takatacho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 25-2650 cafe clover
One cup of one cup roasting vertical fragrance and taste having just finished sawing
Ten kinds of Morning is from 8:00 to 11:00. Six kinds of lunches. Oasis in Tajimi station square plaza terra B1.
1-2, Honmachi, Tajimi-shi terra B1 (0572) 23-1431 happiness station square plaza terra shop
We saw blend espresso bean and provide
Ten kinds of Morning, prawns cutlet. We take lunch!  As for happy tricot and parfait, the dessert including cake by all means.
1-35-1, Otowacho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 24-5539 happiness Joyfull shop
Founding 100 years, the third generation. 11 kinds of Morning is reputation
Above all, "morning set F" is the most popular. In full time, we can have another serving of coffee.
2-38, Hikarigaoka, Tajimi-shi (0572) 22-1068 happiness Hikarigaoka store
Big cafe in front of Tajimi-shi synthesis gymnasium
Large fireplace operates that firewood is piled up on the entrance hall in the winter season. Open sandwich which tomato, cucumber fully got on is recommended!
3-6, Obatachoobora, Tajimi-shi (0572) 22-7016 TRES Bonn
Okonomiyaki and rice of Yakisoba set meal are large serving services!
Terra B1 in front of Tajimi Station. Topping is possible, too, and there are half & half, set meal, too. We take tajimiso Yakisoba!
1-2, Honmachi, Tajimi-shi terra B1 (0572) 25-5517 preference grill purely
Circulation ai io with song of circulation ai io with you
It is splendid sound. You must sing by all means, too. Chiffon cake or mixed sand are popular, too.
4-71, Himecho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 27-6370 comes across
Dishes of various parts of Italy and wine that it was selected carefully
Real native district pasta of various parts of Italy where chef shows the skill to. Seasonal menu, recommended one dish, lunch, course menu for party.
2-185, Kyomachi, Tajimi-shi (0572) 23-7324 cafe-terrace bank
Music to play from speaker of arutikku 9862
Spacious seat. The left side along Tajimi IC going straight, R248. We take homemade hamburger steak and meat dishes, set meal.
1-21, Wakamatsucho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 23-3421 cherry
New sense net cafe where your "kokochiii" is right here
The shop which is bright with beauty. We are delivering cinema channel new item one after another! We can enjoy much-talked-about new work with PC.
7-115, Obatacho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 22-1230 Aprecio
Cafe, Western food restaurant of station square mall
Morning, lunch of having many kinds, teatime set of the afternoon are popular. Dinner in stylish shop is recommended.
Of the 1-57, Honmachi, Tajimi-shi (0572) 24-0209 top
All today's lunches are handmade
We came with customer until today. Thanks to you, we are loved by customer and do business happily every day.
We assume 2-1-13, Honmachi, Tajimi-shi (0572) 22-2530
It is cafe of reputation by taste and service with all love
Service is quite popular for morning discount and idle time, too. It is particularly popular toward the woman. A lot of set meals prepare at noon, too.
1-63, Uenocho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 24-3424 ravingu
Though it is cafe, ramen is very popular in the full-scale training
The slope middle to jumbo driving range. View is good on hill. Master called "buchan" is popular person of area.
4-27-15, Shimozawacho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 24-3172 hamin
Melonpan, buttered roll, tajimi Yakisoba roll
Customer always advances for three generations for founding 40 years, too! Seasonal new product and honorary extravagance receiving a prize bread. We take cafe.
The shop top of 11, Kanayamacho, Tajimi-shi (0572) 22-0433 bread
Coffee, pasta, ancestor Tips bowl
Speaking of Morning which is delicious in Toki riverside "cocotte Morning" of our restaurant!  On festival day, order is OK until 1:00 of closure on day.
1-16, Meijimachi, Tajimi-shi (0572) 22-0408 CHIPs!

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