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Takayama-shi cafe guide

Gallery in old cityscape and shop of cafe
It is ho tto breath with old cityscape of Hida Takayama. White rice cake, kusamochi that zenzai made organically-grown adzuki bean from Hokkaido, rice cake with "Takayama rice cake."
26, Kami-1-nomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 32-888 play Park building
Shop where regular customer in cozy shop goes to slowly
Shop which is cozy, and can enjoy coffee and meal slowly. Labor and time or figure day substitute lunch is reasonable with 680 yen, too.
2-38, Showamachi, Takayama-shi 080-6963-5267 berumi
Coffee which we served with siphon slowly and carefully
Hideaway cafe of Hida Takayama. Coffee which we served with siphon slowly and carefully and Morning that the volume is plentiful are popular.
5-377, Kamiokamotomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 35-3301 thread shop
Goods display of cafe & hometown industrial arts writer
Shop of pleasant atmosphere. We can enjoy Hida milk and discerning sencha let alone coffee. Foods menu is various, too.
3-58-2, Honmachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 34-1319 Canon - canon -
We extract one cup of coffee which we baked with open fire-style stone-cooked roast machine one cup
Shop of coffee feelings. We can purchase various coffee beans. Have self roast coffee "Hida coffee" which nature of Hida laid.
3-88-5, Hatsudamachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 35-5393 eagle cafe Hatsuta shop
Shop which master oneself real coffee which we roasted can taste
A time relaxing in shop where comfortable music plays… Sale by measure of self roast coffee beans is popular, too!
3-34, Hanasatomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 34-6684 pikkin
Shop of self roast coffee right by Takayama-jinya
We take Hida coffee, Hida beef sandwich of original menu! There are 20 seats on the second floor, and group is available, too.
1-50, Hachikenmachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 35-5039 eagle cafe Victoria
Building with flavor appointed to traditional building
Let alone drink, we take meal including sweetness and Takayama ramen. It is small closed place of the appearance, building with flavor.
28, Shimo-2-nomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 34-1106 chrysanthemum
We do business from 6:30 in cafe early morning of Miya River morning market striking distance
Pork grilled ginger set meal and foods menu including plum pilaf are abundant, too. Cheerful couple looks forward to carelessly alone.
55, Shimo-3-nomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 34-6680 MoRee
Shop menu-rich from blue-ribbon Hida beef, set meal to light meal
Base of municipal Shinmei parking lot sightseeing right in front. Soil from place that 1F can enjoy takeout. Soft serve, grilled Hida beef skewer, Hida beef menchi katsu.
110, Kami-1-nomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 33-8370 cafeteria eye
Cafe specialized in coffee of homemade roast
We can enjoy self roast coffee which roast craftsman polished up slowly. Spirited staff loving coffee wait for your coming.
2-398, Ishiuramachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 33-0393 cafe de eagle
Shop of Hida ion coffee Kamisanno-cho
Please appreciate coffee set of country zenzai and Italian roast. Please so that bean jam comes as information station of trip (casually).
83, Kami-3-nomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 32-0282 Yoshikawa
Cafe which can enjoy performance of grand piano
Live is possible, too. There is original drink a lot, too. The use in the second meeting of wedding ceremony is popular, too.
3-31-1, Hatsudamachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 32-7831 Clare Tours

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