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About association

1.Person who can join association
Even anyone is free to do, and prefecture running cafe business which is similar to cafe business and others this in the district can join based on association articles of association.
Please feel free to contact to cafe association.

2.It is planned one by the opening of business of cafe  
(1) We help with application procedure of low interest financing to Japanese system financing government finance company and recommend as opening of business fund. . 
(2) Help at supplier! ・"That there is ・ ・" ri for the cause
・ Including UCC coffee, we perform stocking mediation of brand maker. 
 Particularly, "iced coffee" for UCC coffee, duties gives special price.
・ Ingredients supermarket "Amica" for duties ponito double.
(3) As shop advertising tool, we produce your store homepage free.
Particularly, free present of QR cord seen with cell-phone is pleased with.
(4) Of returning favor to customer of favor in Ada there do not be.
We can join from food poisoning compensation mutual aid annual sum 2,100 yen (monthly basis 175 yen) of emergency.
(5) "Music to create moisture and rest" is useful for shop.
・ Cable broadcasting 25% discount & admission fee 31,500 yen exemption.
・ Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers music fee for use 20% discount

3.Officer list (as of May, 2016)
Post Full name Address Name HP
Director Yukihiko Kojima Tajimi-shi Happiness
Vice-director Masanori Kunieda Ogaki-shi sachi
Vice-director Tenement house thickness husband Gifu-shi Car Damon
Vice-director Hideo Ito Seki-shi Eden
Managing director director Takahiro Kurahashi Gifu-shi Berri farm
Managing director director Keiko Iritani Gifu-shi buronyu
Managing director director daikyoidan Ogaki-shi duomo cafe
Director (advisor) Muto eight Hiroshi Kakamigahara-shi Wisteria
Director Hitomi Asano Kakamigahara-shi Echo
Director Tokuo Hiraku Gifu-shi Island cafe
Inspector Tatsuya Fukao Yamagata-shi Tea storehouse

4.Strategic support adviser by expert
☆ It is chance for new product development and market expansion with individual, group.
  Grant utilization application coordinators of country or prefecture.
 Hiroshi Fujinaka small and medium size company doctor knows a lot; to this
    ・T & E management 
    ・NPO corporation "agriculture, commerce and industry network Gifu" director
    ・adobaza specialized in Gifu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    ・Representative NPN Gifu (agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation project M personnel training private supplementary school)
NPO corporation agriculture, commerce and industry network Gifu HP

☆ New menu development, cooking recipes, dishes event produce,
  Successor upbringing support, offer of cooking training, lecturer dispatch
 Ryoichi Ishii dishes researcher
    ・Educational foundation Ishii school's director (Gifu dishes technical school, various high school sponsorship)
Gifu cooking technical school

☆ If it is thing about tax practice law, it is specialized window of reliable consultation.
  Document offer and tax practice report, management support task, salary calculation to be useful for management of financial accounting.
 Kazuyuki Ozeki licensed tax accountant
    Accounts and business analysis found door of business success. We carry out free consultation.
Licensed tax accountant corporation try

☆ Violence and blackmail, compulsion, vicious complainer,
  Coping ... supporting member registration such as damage by gang.
 Gifu violence exile promotion center
    ・Consultation committee cooperates with the police (without being afraid without hesitating about unfair demand by early consultation)
Gifu violence exile promotion center

☆ Low interest from Japanese system financing government finance company, help adviser of not giving security, no guarantee borrowing.
 "Management special counselor" who received commission from Governor of Gifu

5.It is the truth that citizens of Gifu often result in going to cafe!
 According to "household economy survey report that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau carried out," "Gifu-shi" that was prefectural seat of Gifu in ranking according to the metropolis and districts agency location and ordinance-designated city cafe offtake came first nationwide.
For more details, to this page

As for the traffic access to association, please see this.

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Gifu cafe association 〒 500-8113 4-20, Kanazonocho, Gifu-shi
tel & fax (058) 247-2815 mail