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We start from one cup!
Cafe guide of various places throughout the prefecture

Coffee which saws, and stand, and is delicious of self roast
Coffee, drink enhancement including tea. We take foods, dessert. French toast is popular, too. You can choose even Morning.
4-17, Mitsuhashi, Motosu-shi (058) 323-7887 coffee story

If baked kind-rich bread is cheap, and is delicious every day; reputation
We can stop car easily at large the shop and two places of parking lots, too. Morning morning discount is advantageous.
2-50, Koyanagi, Kitagata-cho, Motosu-gun (058) 324-8330 single man

Homemade fried vertical bread and popular morning set
It is a 3-minute walk from JR Hozumi Station. Noon is value lunchtime. When it is fine, is garden terrace; titaimu!
1050-1, Beppu, Mizuho-shi (058) 327-3058 toraianguru
Let's sing on large the shop and acoustic superior stage
The shop which is large as it is not bar, snack. All the drinks alcohols 500 yen. Juice 400 yen.
793-8, Beppu, Mizuho-shi (058) 327-9851 sawa

From old days, coffee is 300 yen how
To be able to be pleased with customer come to the store; to price this with feeling! Morning discount is 300 yen how, too.
1023-1, Kadoma, Kasamatsu-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 388-2354 crow way
Feelings of sound device are condensed
We are astonished at stage monitor speaker of do force! DAIICHIKOSHO premiere DAM introduction. Customer thanks day, every month first Wednesday.
1023-1, Kadoma, Kasamatsu-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 388-2354 crow way songs and ballads hall

Big cafe in front of Meitetsu Main Line, Ginan Station
At lunchtime, we provide only weekdays. We take popular morning discount until 12:00.
2-91, Shimoinjiki, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 276-4538 Dell fiore
It is healed by brown coffee and rests
It is cafe before immediate eyes of Ginan-cho government office. Please come to meeting. Morning discount from 7:30 to 11:00.
7-120, Yatsurugi, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 246-5901 takano
Place of recreation and relaxation for visitor of motorcycle enthusiast
Active play rider "Masanori Kawashima," Suzuka 90 CC class still wins the championship. Should advertise cafe, but is why; or to "fan & orchid!"
9-35, Fuseya, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 247-0098 BOB HOUSE
It is various and offers meal & cafe menu
Lunch menu to prepare for every day in rotation is popular. The large shop can relax with calm atmosphere.
4-75, Nonaka, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 247-4338 Samoa
It is reputation France style Western confectionery & cafe with delicious cake
Popular cake set. Drink is +300 yen. On birthday, we make cake reservations such as memorial days.
4-75, Nonaka, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 247-4338 la vioretto
Morning set popular lunch menu
Symbol of shop. Big "ilex" is mark. As the shop is divided by every group, it is good to meeting meeting!
3-222, Fuseya, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun (058) 247-5995 weather report

Coffee which is fragrant in stylish space, and is delicious highly
We can spend time in very stylish space feeling warmth of tree. By one is high in fragrance and serves delicious coffee.
Higashifukase, Yamagata-shi door feather 19-1 (0581) 23-0371 tea storehouse
Mom here is Akita dialect dabe!
After all conversation pleasant is dabe for rest in cafe most! We have fun present on woman service day every Tuesday.
1337-1, Takatomi, Yamagata-shi Four Devas Building 1F 080-3668-2355 flowers
We provide sound of reputation when easy to sing
Cyber DAM introduction of DAIICHIKOSHO. When turn to sing is long, present including appropriate fruit. All another drink are at half price.
Yamagata-shi Tominaga 8-1 (0581) 52-1539 children's playing song

Atmosphere feelings hamburger steak which is country is delicious
Cafe restaurant. KODACHI waffle and KODACHI parfait which are quite popular with women. Space where heart is settled down to dinner in teatime.
630-1, Yamatochoshima, Gujo-shi (0575) 88-9052 KODACHI
Day begins with relaxation of morning coffee
It is said that store's name is rare, but ask the staff about origin. We sell first-class maker furniture, kitchen, bus in the neighbor.
It is ba will 85-1, Yamatochotsurugi, Gujo-shi (0575) 88-4188 more and more

Cozy atmosphere that was united with customer
It is a 3-minute walk from "cityscape with the king-post" which is full of travel emotions to the station area. Today's popular lunch is finished as soon as it is sold out.
2631-2, Hirookacho, Mino-shi (0575) 33-0681 red cue ball

Drink, light meal, set meal, dessert
Pleasant cafe, meal. We have abundant magazine, comics, too. It is founded in 1973. Intersection between R21(R41) and Japanese line (the Kiso River) in front of Sakahogi-cho government office.
22, Torikumi, Sakahogi-cho, Kamo-gun (0574) 26-6331 friends

Stylish cafe along Heisei fist way
Including lunchtime of popularity, we want to provide "a time" when heart feels relaxed. "Karaoke hall" proud of area and sound direction of the local first.
Kabuchi, Hichiso-cho, Kamo-gun 12,411-1 (0574) 46-1290 guuchokipaa

Take sunshine filtering through foliage on open terrace; sit-down
Space of healing letting you forget mountain, mountain, the noise of mountain ... city as far as you look around. Attach one article of green over window, and wonderful time.
Higashishirakawa-mura, Kamo-gun komorebino village (0574) 78-3222 taste Aya

It keeps approximately 50 kinds of okonomiyaki, grilling foods on an iron plate menu!
Room kotatsu set in the floor-type in the first floor in seat at a table, small up seat, the second floor in reservation required. Please use in family, a great number of people, children's association, Christmas society.
41-10, Izumichokujiri, Toki-shi (0572) 55-8861 seat, ju soldier of the Imperial Guard

Cafe and full-scale Chinese cuisine restaurant
Coffee, tea, cafes such as toast and full-scale Chinese food which we work as parent for many years and wait, and there is. Today's "tsu ryanse set meal is popular, too".
557-1, Kamiokachohigashimachi, Hida-shi (0578) 82-2646 ryanse

Restaurant that is located in the center of Ogicho
Is it front of the Ogicho information desk? The outskirts are dotted with a lot of prefecture compound sentence, Myozen-ji Temple others thatched roof house. We will walk village of world's cultural heritage slowly.
115, Ogimachi, Shirakawa-mura, Ono-gun (05769) 6-1106 shiraogi

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